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    Tencel Cotton Bedsheets

    Looking for luxurious, comfortable, and eco-friendly bedding? Look no further than Tencel cotton sheets from Spread Spain!

    Tencel is a revolutionary fabric made from sustainably-sourced eucalyptus wood pulp, using a closed-loop production process that minimizes waste and environmental impact. The result is a silky-smooth, breathable fabric that feels like a dream against your skin.

    When combined with cotton, Tencel creates a bedding material that's both soft and durable. Our Tencel cotton sheets are crafted with care, using the highest-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to offer you with the best possible sleep experience.

    Constructed with elegant designs and the softest fabrics, this set will provide the ultimate comfort and luxury for a good night's sleep.

    Made from a combination of Tencel yarn and pure cotton, these bed sheets feel incredibly soft and provide an alluring look to any bedroom. The set includes one solid-colour bed sheet, two solid-colour standard pillow covers, one printed duvet cover, and two printed standard pillow covers, all with a thread count of 500 TC.

    Not only is this bedding set soft and stylish, but it's also incredibly easy to care for. Simply hand or machine wash in 30 degrees Celsius water with a gentle wash and mild detergent. Steam iron and dry in the shade for the best results.

    Here are a few reasons that why you should consider Tencel cotton sheets for your bed:

    1. Soft and gentle on your skin: Tencel cotton sheets are incredibly soft and gentle on your skin, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
    2. Highly breathable: Tencel cotton sheets are highly breathable, letting air to circulate freely and keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.
    3. Moisture-wicking: Tencel cotton sheets are moisture-wicking, absorbing moisture quickly and keeping you feeling dry and comfortable all night.
    4. Eco-friendly: Tencel cotton sheets are made from sustainably-sourced materials and manufactured using a closed-loop production process that minimizes waste and environmental impact.
    5. Durable and long-lasting: Tencel cotton sheets are durable and long-lasting,

    Overall, this attractive bedding ensemble is sure to become your favorite set for providing the ultimate in comfort and peace. Shop the Spread Spain website today to experience the luxury and style of these Tencel cotton bedsheets for yourself.