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    High End Fluffy Jacquard Bedspread - From Reig Marti Spain
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    A bed cover is a type of decorative cotton bed covers used on beds. It is usually lightweight and quilted. Spread Spain offers a range of sophisticated designs that can make any bed look glamorous. Our luxury bedsheets is made from high-quality fabrics and comes in various sets. Customers can choose from different designs to find the perfect set that suits their taste and creates a relaxing retreat.

    Find your perfect match from our bespoke offerings.

    Our multi-functional cotton bed covers serve as a light cover during winter or a thin quilt in summer. Enhance the style of your room with the beautiful earthy tones we offer. It is easy to maintain - machine washable with mild detergent, and can be steam ironed and dried in the shade. Crafted from 100% cotton, they offer both comfort and durability. The dimensions of the bedspread are 2.28m x 2.74m, and it is accompanied by two pillow covers measuring 42cm x 74cm.

     The range offered by Spread Spain is created with the softest fabrics and features an elegant pattern, making it suitable for use as both a bedspread and a lightweight AC quilt. They have microfiber filling and brushed polyester top and bottom fabrics for a luxurious look and feel. In addition to these great features, our bedcovers also come with two coordinating pillowcases, making them the ultimate choice for a bedspread.

    How to Select the Best Cotton Bed Covers?

    Selecting the right bedroom accessories is crucial as they should reflect your personality. Choosing the premium bedsheets can be daunting due to the vast selection of available bedding items. When purchasing bed covers, consider the following:

    Size: This is the most overlooked aspect of selecting luxury bed covers. One size does not fit all, and you must be mindful of the size, particularly the length of the bed cover you choose. It should be a size of 2.28m x 2.74m, along with two pillow covers measuring 42cm x 74cm. Otherwise, it may only cover a portion of your bed and appear undesired. Similarly, an oversized bedspread can make your bed look untidy, with wrinkles and folds that could be more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it is essential to measure your bed and select a bedspread that matches its dimensions.

    Material: Since bed covers are for spaces like your bedroom, the material should be comfortable and soft to ensure maximum comfort. Spread Spain offers an excellent choice as they are durable, withstand multiple washes, and become softer with each wash. In addition, our luxury bed covers are made from the best quality raw materials, such as cotton, to ensure that every piece produced is plush and cozy.

    Pattern: The pattern also significantly enhances the overall look and effect of your bedding accessories. Therefore, choose something interesting but simple. For example, spread Spain's quilted bed covers strike the perfect balance between subtlety and uniqueness, providing an exciting and refreshing touch to your bed.



    What is the best material for bed covers? 

    Cotton is the best material for bed covers. First, the top-of-the-line is 100 percent premium cotton. Second, the best is 100 percent Pima cotton.


    What is the difference between a bedsheet and a cotton bed covers? 

    Difference between the bed sheet and bed cover:- A bedsheet is a piece of large cloth that covers the mattress on which one directly lies. On the other hand, a bed cover covers the bed and can either be a quilt, blanket, comforter, or sheet. It is a cover sheet for the bed.

    How many types of bed covers does Spread Spain offer?

    Spread Spain offers 100% Stonewashed Cotton - Coastal Bedcover, 100% Cotton Bedcover T - PAT, Outhouse Cotton Bedcover, Crystal day and night Bed covers, Matrix Bed covers, Botanic Mist Bedcover 3PC Set, Bahama all day bed cover collection, Alara Bed covers/ AC Quilt, Italian Bedding Collection, Day and Night Bed covers. 

    How do I care for my luxury bed cover?

    It depends on the material of your luxury bed cover. Some materials require dry cleaning, while others, such as Spread Spain's 100 % premium cotton bedcovers, can be machine washed. Always follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer.

    Are luxury bed covers worth the investment?

    It depends on your personal preferences and budget. Luxury bed covers are typically more expensive than cheaper alternatives, but they can last longer and provide greater comfort and style. If you value quality and are willing to spend more for a better product, then a luxury bed cover may be worth the investment.