Pillow Talk - How to choose the right pillow

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Pillow Talk - How to choose the right pillow

Having the right pillow is extremely important for your health and body. Pillows can actually make a whole lot of difference for a good night’s sleep and play a big role in the health of your spine. It supports your back and neck making the position you sleep in comfortable. Using the wrong type of pillow can lead to so many major back problems. So let’s have a little pillowtalk for the love and care of your body. 

Why pillows are important?

Pillows help in preventing several back, hip and neck problems that affect your sleep and daily well-being. The main work pillows do is to keep the upper body in alignment, alleviating pressure and counterbalancing the points in your body. Doctors suggest that one should choose their pillows according to their body structure and sleeping positions. Therefore, the pillow should fit your size and curves and should be the right kind for your sleeping position. 

Pillow for spinal and cervical problems

For people with spinal issues, the right kind of pillow is extremely important as the pillow supports the spine in resting comfortably. Everybody needs sufficient and quality sleep to heal from the postural, physical and nervous tasks of the day. 

Therefore, people with spinal and cervical issues should generally use a firm pillow like the our Doctor Pillow.

Doctor Pillow Best For Cervical Pain Sufferers

This pillow is suitable for spinal and cervical pain sufferers as it allows the nervous system to work naturally when you’re sleeping by restoring the natural curvature of the neck and upper spine. It was invented after years of medical research and is certified by a well reputed Swiss laboratory.

Other than our most-loved Doctor Pillow, we have a huge range of pillows that offer different levels of support and comfort. So let's talk about some of the types which can help you have a calm and peaceful sleep: 

  • Aloe Vera Pillow: enjoy the goodness of vitamin A & E while you sleep. Known as the world’s hero ingredient, this pillow has incorporated the highest quality of aloe vera gel for its fiber coating. The gel works silently throughout your sleep period by using the body temperature to circulate the Vitamin A & E on your skin and also helps in circulating blood for a perfect night’s sleep. 

Aloevera Gel Coated Anti Allergic Pillow

  • Orthopaedic Bamboo Pillow: This extremely breathable pillow made with natural bamboo fiber keeps the pillow cool, making it ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Made with a super soft fabric, it also absorbs moisture and eliminates sweat. 

Orthopaedic Bamboo Pillow

  • Anti-snore Pillow: As it is correctly said, “laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone”. That’s why this pillow is especially designed for those who suffer from snoring and do not get a good night's sleep. It is designed in a way that helps eliminate the vibrations in your throat that are caused by the air you breathe during your sleep. It aligns your neck and head in a certain way that avoids blocking the airway which reduces your snoring and helps you have a peaceful sleep. 

Anti Snore Pillow

  • Milk Pillow: The ideal pillow for health and comfort. This product is made with German milk protein fibres extracted from real milk with bioengineering techniques. Suitable for all kinds of sleepers this is an ultra-soft pillow that provides ideal support and softness during sleep. 

Therefore, we can confidently say that pillows are one of the most important parts of our lives. Using the right pillow improves our mental and physical health and gives us a chance to sleep like a baby everyday. So why not make the most out of this opportunity and pamper yourself with the right pillow.

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