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Anti Snore Pillow

Rs. 3,999 Rs. 4,730
  • Keeps Your Airways Open : By improving the alignment of your head and neck, these pillows help to keep your airways open as you sleep. This is turn helps to reduce and or eliminate the vibrations in your throat caused by the air you breathe in your sleep.
  • Improve Sleep : They help to improve sleep. By reducing snoring, not only do these pillows help to improve the snorer's sleep but they improve that of their partner as well. People with snoring partners are able to sleep better as a result of the reduced noise.
  • Improve Posture : They help to improve your sleeping posture. Anti-snoring pillows are designed to cater to the needs of different sleepers, Regardless of your sleeping position, these pillows help to align your neck and head in such as a way as to avoid blocking your airway and consequently reducing your chances of snoring.
  • Easy Solution : They offer a safe solution to snoring. tongue restricting devices and surgery, anti snoring pillows offers Snorers a non-intrusive solution to their snoring problem.

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