Elegance - Brown 6 Litre Pedal Dustbin with Plastic Bucket Inside for Home, Kitchen, Office use

MRP₹ 2,000
Prices Inclusive of all taxes

SubTotal : Rs. 2000

Made in Italy Modern, elegant design and wicker finishing
This can be used for wet waste and dry waste of any type.The bucket inside is leak proof and can be removed & easily be cleaned by just throwing away the waste or even can be washed.Comes in many attractive colors to suite the decor of your room , bathroom etc.
Material used is polypropylene Size (20.5 x 20.5 x 28 cm)
Equipped with anti-slip pedal opening
Dispose all Square Pedal Dustbin is versatile and comes in modern and elegent design look which add style, elegant accent to bathroom, office or kitchen. Enhances the appearance of your room & allows you to keep surroundings clean & hygienic. Easy to clean Convenience & fuss free.

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