Thread Count - Why is it important when choosing your sheets?

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A set of comfortable bed sheets make everything better in your life. From getting a snuggly sleep to a perfect Netflix day in bed! One should always keep in mind that choosing the right sheets is all about it's functionality, and the sense of feeling that you get when that sheet touches your skin. It is the Thread Count of a sheet that defines this. 

So to make sure you choose the right sets. We’ve included plenty of useful information which will help you make the right decision on one of the most important purchases in your life which is your BED SHEETS! 

What is the thread count of a bed sheet? 

Thread count is defined as the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Generally, the sheet is softer when there is a higher thread count. A good bed sheet ranges from 350 to 1,200 Thread Count (TC). Although, a 350 thread count of sheet doesn’t mean that it is of low quality as some of the 350 count sheets in the market are finished very nicely. 

Is a higher thread count always better?

Yes but it’s not necessary! A higher thread count should be preferred but a lower count is not bad to use. Lower thread count sheets are fabulous to feel if high-quality yarn and craftsmanship are used. The most common high-quality fabrics are cotton fabric, bamboo fabric and Egyptian cotton fabric. 

Now, we’re here for you to choose the perfect thread count for you from our wide range of bed sheets.

Our Premium Cotton Barcode Bedding is of 450 Thread count. Available in beautiful vibrant colours. This bedding is breathable, lightweight and skin-friendly making it pleasant to the skin. 

Our Smooth Italian Cotton Bedding is of 500 thread count creating a luxurious sleeping environment in your room. 

Our Italian Jacquard 100% Cotton bedding is of 1,000 thread count and designed with intricate details and care. This sheet is expertly woven and makes you feel like you are in a hotel. 


Our White Cotton Bed Linen is of 1,200 thread count giving a wonderfully smooth, crisp and cool feeling against your skin. 


So now is the time to get your hands on these sheets which will make you want to snuggle and enjoy the best sleep because trust us, you won't get a better good night sleep. 

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