How do you make a bed like a hotel?

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How do you make a bed like a hotel?

Hotels take great pride in offering their visitors comfort and elegance. The way they set up their guests' rooms—especially the beds—makes this evident. Elevate your home bed to a hotel-like experience with luxury bedding sets, the epitome of comfort and an essential addition. They provide that extra layer of indulgence you can't go without.

Regarding how hotels arrange their guest rooms and suites, presentation is one aspect that sticks out, but it goes beyond that. You may have the hotel experience at home as well.

Continue reading to find out how to make hotel beds at home. At Spread Spain, we'll show you how to create your bed like one from a hotel, both in terms of style and comfort.


  • You will need a high-quality mattress to match that luxury to discover how to make your bed as comfy as a hotel bed. Hotels utilize a particular brand of mattress that different companies supply. This indicates that many of these mattresses are not available for purchase.

    When you do this, you can also get a bed that can rival those seen in hotels. If not, you may choose a premium mattress, such as a spring mattress. You might benefit from a therapeutic mattress as well.


  • The smoothness of a hotel bed's surface is another feature. Using sheets with a high thread count will help you attain this softness. For example, choose a bed sheet with 300 thread counts made of Egyptian cotton for its velvety feel.

    The substance of the bedsheet is the trick. A bedsheet having a higher thread count is softer. Another option is to cover your mattress with two layers of fitted sheets.

    Discover our revolutionary BAMBOO PERFORMANCE BEDDING SET, a groundbreaking innovation as the world's first bedding crafted from a blend of mint and bamboo. This bedding is incredibly stylish and offers unparalleled comfort and a cooling sensation that surpasses traditional cotton linens.




    The inclusion of mint in our bedding is a game-changer. Mint contains menthol, which activates cold-sensitive receptors in your skin, creating a refreshing sensation that can make you feel almost 7 degrees cooler. Paired with bamboo, renowned for its fine, breathable, and silky-smooth fibres, this bedding takes comfort to a whole new level.

    Mint and bamboo are not only superior in comfort but also eco-friendly. They naturally thrive and require significantly less water to grow compared to cotton.

    Choose from different sizes to fit your bed perfectly:

    • Super king-size bedsheet (2.74m x 2.74m) with 2 pillow covers (45cm x 68cm).
    • Queen-size bedsheet (2.28m x 2.48m) with 2 pillow covers (45cm x 68cm).
    • Single-size bedsheet (1.52m x 2.28m) with 1 pillow cover (45cm x 68cm).

    Our bedding is not only comfortable but also easy to maintain. It is machine washable, and we suggest using a gentle washing cycle with a mild detergent in 30°C water. To keep it in perfect condition, dry it in the shade and use a mild iron if necessary. With a choice of 15 exquisite colors, you can effortlessly match your bedding to your decor.

    And if you're seeking the epitome of luxury, explore our 1000 THREAD ITALIAN JCQ 100% COTTON bedding. Crafted from 100% long-staple American cotton, intricately designed in Spain for elegance and expertly woven to provide a hotel-like level of comfort and luxury.

    This bedding is hand or machine-washable for care instructions with a gentle wash cycle. Use mild detergent and steam iron if needed. Wash it in 30 degrees Celsius water, dry in the shade, and use a mild iron to maintain its pristine condition.


  • Continuing the last suggestion, layer your bed to create an opulent look. Layers are used in hotel beds to create a cozy atmosphere. This can be accomplished by mixing in a duvet and comforter. You should be able to get that smooth, soft texture on the bed if you choose a thread count of 300 or above.

    The nice thing about this is that it gives you a feeling of comfort and softness that makes you want to crawl into bed. This makes your bed as challenging to get out of as if you were in a hotel room.

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    Introducing "THE TEMPERATURE CONTROL QUILT," meticulously designed to work harmoniously with your body temperature. It seamlessly regulates and maintains the temperature within the ideal range of 28-32°C, a scientifically proven sweet spot for a supremely comfortable sleep microclimate. This innovative quilt is the only one that can consistently maintain this perfect temperature.



    With our Temperature Control Quilt, you can finally enjoy peaceful and rejuvenating sleep, setting the stage for a fresh and energetic start to your day.

    For care and maintenance, we recommend professional laundry services to keep your quilt in pristine condition.

    But that's not all. 

    You can also explore our exceptional bedding option, our REAL ALOE VERA GEL COATED PREMIUM ULTRA SOFT SUMMER QUILT. This quilt is uniquely coated with Aloe vera Gel, a rich source of vitamin E, making it incredibly soft, comfortable, and perfect for a great night's sleep. It's designed to prevent overheating, making it suitable for all seasons, especially in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gujarat, and more.

    For the care of this quilt, professional laundry is recommended to maintain its quality.

    Choose comfort and innovation. Choose our Temperature Control Quilt or Aloe Vera Gel Coated Premium Ultra Soft Summer Quilt. Discover the best sleep you've ever had.


  • In addition to adding layers, consider purchasing pillows and cushions that complement your bed. Opt for two or four cushions. For softness in this situation, choose feather or down-fill pillows. Then, two fiberfill pillows can be added to go with it.

    Extra pillows can give you more alternatives for how you use them. Having at least three pillows will let you determine the ideal level of softness to rest your head on. This should also function if you enjoy cuddling up with your pillows.

    In the interim, you can bring some color into the bedroom by adding cushions and throw pillows. Additionally, it provides you extra and fluffs up the bed.

    Check our groundbreaking MILK PILLOW, filled with milk protein fibres, a pioneering product that prioritizes your well-being and comfort. This innovative pillow is the first in the world to enhance sleep quality while embracing your health.

    Key Features:

    • Crafted with milk protein fibres derived from real milk using advanced bioengineering techniques.
    • Embraces natural milk fibres for a luxuriously soft texture.
    • Environmentally friendly and promotes good health.
    • Composed of soothing, all-natural materials with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.
    • Enhances blood circulation during sleep.

    Now, you can select the perfect pillow tailored to your needs:

    • Ideal for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and children.
    • Available in soft and medium densities.
    • Offers a medium height for optimal support.
    • Filled with anti-allergic microfiber for a serene sleeping experience.
    • Features fabric made from milk fibre.

    To preserve your exceptional MILK PILLOW, we recommend professional laundry services to ensure long-lasting quality and hygiene. Experience a new level of comfort and health-conscious luxury with our Milk Pillow.

    Discover today how to make your bed the way a hotel does.

    After following these instructions, you should be able to make your bed like a hotel. It's all about getting the comforter and the  Luxury Bedding Sets to have the same texture and feel. After you've got everything all out, you may sleep feeling like you've had a five-star hotel suite staycation.

    You may recreate this feeling with our blankets, bedsheets, and much more. Look over our offerings right now. 

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