Festivities Special: Hosting Guide by Spread Home

We believe that your home is the mirror to your personality. The best way to show your A-game is when you're the host. Everything a host does should be perfect and spotless. People organise parties and get togethers because they want to express appreciation for the people they care about. Each corner of the home should be filled with style and convenience for the comfort of the guests. Thus, give your guests the best time of their lives by using our super convenient and stylish products. 


For serving 

Wooden Foldable Service Trolley With Metal Frame - Black

For a minimalistic and elegant look, Foldable Serving Trolley is a perfect addition to your home. It's and foldable & lightweight that holds bar essentials, snacks, silverware and so much more. The versatile design merges smoothly with any interior and can be used as a bar trolley, breakfast trolley, and so many other ways. This trolley adds to all the points for a good hosting experience. 



Who needs a human butler when you can have a Butler Tray close at hand. A must have tray every home, this multipurpose tray is equipped with handles and a foldable stand making it so easy to use. Making an impact in terms of style with top quality durable vegan leather with a crocodile skin design tray, this tray is ideal to serve drinks to your guests conveniently. 


For the organisation pro


The first impression is the last. So make the best impression with this Rodeo Tissue Box. By making the most out of your corners as it gives your space a modern and sleek look. This Tissue Box is the most convenient item you can put up for your guests in your home, car or office. 

Italian Air Tight Canisters

As it is rightly said, “there is nothing more calming than an organised home”. That’s why our Italian Air Tight Canisters is the best item to provide a calming and soothing look of your lovely home to your guests. It’s airtight lid keeps all your favourite munchies safe from dampness. It’s technical structure and minimalist design makes it ideal to keep in your kitchen, room or living room. 


Great for keeping it in any room, this versatile Bamboo Cane Multipurpose Tray, pairs well with any kind of setting. Be it, to use as a towel tray or pairing it with a mealtime setting. The raw bamboo cane design is designed to give an earthy and natural look to your space. 

Dark Shadow

Keep waste at bay with our Riggiani- Waste Bin. An elegant and simplistic design for litter collection, this waste bin can be widely used in your guest room, bathroom and kitchen. The finely handcrafted structure fits in perfectly at any corner and makes even your corners look stylish. 

Blue/Ice Grey

The best item which will keep your guests busy and entertained, this Ranch Magazine Holder holds all your books, magazines and newspaper in one place. The stylish handle attached to it makes it easy to shift it in any room and the versatile design easily blends in with any aesthetic of your space. 

Now get ready to be the ultimate host of this festive season by using these products in your home! 

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