Doctor Cool Plus Pillow

₹ 5,775

SubTotal : Rs. 5775

Suffering from cervical or spondylitis? This is the perfect pillow for you. 99% of the people who used this product found it to be very effective. It's unique pressure relieving comfort and medium firm support gives a real comfortable sleep. 

"Very well designed. Effective for cervical pain sufferers." - Dr.Akash Sabharwal, Senior Consultant, MAX Super Speciality Hospital

The doctor cool plus pillow is perfect for any type of sleeper as it gives great support. The whisko elastic cells inside relieves neck and shoulder pain while you sleep and aloe vera cooling gel coated cover keeps you at a cool temperature.

  • Inner filling with whisko elastic cells
  • Outer filling with cooling aloe vera gel coated fabric
  • Brings down temperature by 4 degree celsius 
  • Fits easily into a regular pillowcase 
  • Cool and soothing effect.


Standard Size - 46x68 cm
Care instructions: Dry clean only.
Customized products such as logo embroidery, special sizes will not be exchanged / returned or refunded.

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