Storage Solution for all your needs

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The ultimate storage organizer perfect for fulfilling all household needs. A must-have for your home, it includes everything from tissue box to laundry hamper for multi-purpose storage. The products are made with high quality durable leather finish made to last years and years. Each product is functional with a modern design and will be the perfect addition to your home. It includes:

  1. WASTEBIN - To keep your home neat and tidy. Very compatible to move anywhere and easy to clean.
  2. LAUNDRY BASKET - Perfect to store all your clothes with this modern basket which will look good in every corner of your house.
  3. TISSUE BOX - It is delicately hand crafted for your home, bathroom, car or office, commonly available refill boxes fits in this case.
  4. MAGAZINE HOLDER - A practical & decorative accessory made to store and organizes reading materials in one convenient place.
  5. MULTI-PURPOSE TRAY - Modern spill proof decorative design for serving food, keeping utility items in bathroom and can be used anywhere in multiple ways. Available in 2 sizes - small and large.

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